Frequently Asked Questions

The following information has been compiled to assist all exhibitors get the most out of your exhibit experience at the MLA '18 Exhibits.

Who to Contact

This information has been prepared as a service to you, the exhibitor. We know that direct, early contact with exhibition management can be the key to your success as an exhibit manager. Never hesitate to ask the obvious question, or call to verify conflicting information. Keep in mind that each question answered in advance is one less problem to be solved on-site. Click here for a list of Conference & Exhibit Staff.

FAQs: Answers to 11 of the most frequently asked questions by exhibitors.

1. What is included in my exhibit space rental?

The following booth equipment, services and facilities are included free of charge:

  • Draperies suspended on aluminum uprights and stanchions. The drapery background is 8 feet high. The side rails are 33 inches high. The exhibit hall is carpeted.
  • Standard booth sign, black letters on white card, upon which is printed the company name and booth number.
  • General lighting and decorations.

Table top exhibits include (1) 6' draped table with identification sign in a carpeted area. Additional items (ie: chairs) may be ordered through GES Exposition Services.

All other items can be ordered through the official service contractors. If you have any questions regarding your participation in the MLA '18 Exhibits, please contact Exhibition Management at 630-434-7779, email:

What other items may I need to purchase?

Item Description Price* (advance rates, estimate only)
Booth Cleaning Cleaning for the duration of the show.  Varies depending on booth size. Refer to 'Cleaning Services' in exhibitor manual.
Carpeting All exhibit booth floors must be covered. Exhibitors may bring their own floor covering, or rent carpet from GES $251 for a 10′ × 10′ standard carpet.
Electricity Show management does not provide electricity. Pricing varies depending on requirements. $140 for single phase 20 amp
Lead Retrieval It is recommended that all exhibitors rent a Lead Retrieval unit to collect and store sales leads. Prices vary. See order form for all order options, and be sure to take advantage of early advance rates! (Note: requires 120 volt AC outlet).
Material Handling If you ship a booth to the advance warehouse, you will be responsible for the Material Handling fees associated with the movement of your freight within the hall. The final cost is based on the weight of your freight.  $92 advance shipment to GES advance warehouse and up per hundred pounds cwt. 
Pipe & Drape Pipe and drape is provided to all exhibitors with at least one back wall. The backdrape is 8′ high and the siderail is 3′ high. Included with your space, if not an island booth

* All rates at advance pricing amount. Does not include service charges and taxes. Rates may be more for additional services (e.g.: 24 hour power), and will be higher for show site orders, or orders placed after the advance pricing deadline date.

2. Are there any display rules I need to be aware of?

Yes. These display rules must be adhered to on-site, or your display may have to go through costly alterations before the show opens. The display rules are not meant to limit your ability to showcase your product, but rather to ensure each exhibitor an equal opportunity, within reason, to present their product or service in the most effective manner to the audience. The exhibitor's responsibility can be summed up quite simply as "Be a Good Neighbor."

Reminder: The Hyatt Regency Atlanta exhibit hall ceiling height is 14'8'' (4.47m) in the Grand Hall, and 11' (3.35m) in Hanover Hall. Due to these ceiling height limitations, island exhibit booths will be permitted to a maximum height of 14' (4.26m) in the Grand Hall, and 10' (3.05m) in Hanover Hall.

Note: All demonstration equipment including operator's position must be located at least two feet removed from the aisle line of the exhibit area. Exhibitor warrants and agrees that the exhibitor is solely responsible for assuming that its exhibit, demonstration(s) and all related materials are accessible to persons with disabilities and complies with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Alcohol Regulation: The serving of any alcoholic beverages from any exhibitors booth must be approved in advance by show management. If approved, all service must be ordered from the officially designated provider. Exhibitors are prohibited from serving alcoholic beverages from their booths during the opening reception on Saturday, May 19 , with the exception of MLA Sponsors serving wine.

Your agreement to abide by these display rules is a part of the space contract, and they will be strictly enforced by our floor managers.

3. What do I need to know about hanging signs?

Hanging signs are NOT permitted in Standard or Perimeter booths. Island exhibitors wishing to display a hanging sign above their booth are required to submit a rendering/drawing of the hanging sign to Show Management for approval at at your earliest convenience.

Note: The Hyatt Regency Atlanta exhibit hall ceiling height is 14'8'' (4.47m) in the Grand Hall, and 11' (3.35m) in Hanover Hall. Due to the above noted ceiling heights, the facility requests exhibitor hanging signs to be foam core or vinyl. Signs should be no higher than 3' (0.91m) from top to bottom.

4. How do I get badges for my exhibit staff? How can I invite guests to my booth?

All exhibitors have been sent a unique password to access your personal exhibitor account. If you have any questions about your password, etc. please contact us at

5. Do I need to use union personnel to install my exhibit fixtures at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta?

Not in all cases. Review the GES Show Site Work Rules for details on exhibit labor.

Should you need labor for the installation and dismantle of your booth, the official service contractor, Global Experience Specialists (GES) will have skilled labor personnel available for hire.

How can we minimize our labor expense?

By being as productive as possible. In order to minimize the expense of hired labor personnel, place your labor order in advance to ensure their availability when you are ready to begin your installation. Have good drawings or photos available of how your exhibit fixture should look, know when straight time (regular work hours) begins and ends to avoid overtime surcharges, and be there to direct and supervise for the entire installation process. You may find that experienced union laborers actually expedite your exhibit installation process, saving you time and money!

6. How should I ship my exhibit materials?

Making the right transportation decisions for your exhibit materials will not only save you time and money, but also a lot of aggravation. Review the GES material handling information thoroughly. Exhibit transportation can be fairly complex. Review each transportation option in terms of cose, time frame, and type of shipment, and choose the one that best fits your situation. When possible, ship in advance to the warehouse. Shipping your materials in advance is a good investment for the following reasons:

  • You can verify receipt of your materials in Atlanta in advance of the exhibition, without worrying about lost or misdirected shipments
  • You won't have to deal with stand-by charges from your motor freight carrier while your direct shipment waits in line to be unloaded at the convention center.
  • You can be assured that your materials will be in your booth space when you, or your set-up crew, arrive to begin the installation process.

If you choose to ship direct, be sure to forward a copy of your material handling order form / bill-of-lading to the drayage contractor to aid in tracing your shipment.

7. Can I carry my exhibit materials into the Convention Center Exhibit Hall to my booth?

Yes. An exhibitor may "hand carry" material one time through the door, provided they do not use material handling equipment to assist them. When exhibitors choose to "hand carry" material, they may not be permitted access to the loading dock / freight door areas. GES Representatives will have sole responsibility in determining the loading and unloading procedures on the dock of the respective facilities.

8. Is there security provided for MY booth?

From the first day of move-in through the last day of move-out, there is 24-hour perimeter badge-checkers for the exhibit floor. This level of security is intended to control the access of people and material to and from the exhibit halls in a safe and organized manner. It is not intended as individual security for your booth and materials. Please remember that the Hyatt Regency Atlanta is a public building to which hundreds of individuals have access—let alone the number of individuals involved in the shipping of your materials to and from the exhibition, setting up and tearing down displays. Therefore, it is critical that exhibitors work closely with Exhibition Management in making every effort to safeguard their investment in the exhibition. Be security conscious at all times during your stay in Atlanta. Do not leave items of value in your booth overnight during the installation period or exhibition days without taking security precautions. Exhibitors can order overnight booth security from the security vendor. Remember that the security of your product is your responsibility—don't take chances!

9. Should I insure my exhibit materials?

Yes! Exhibitors are required to provide for their own floater insurance coverage, protecting against damage, loss or theft. Please remember that the drayage contractor cannot be held responsible for the disappearance of an exhibitor's materials after delivery to the booth, or before the materials are picked up for loading out after the exhibition.

Remember that it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to insure his property. The MLA, their agents, Hall-Erickson, Inc., the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and their respective agents will not be responsible in any way against theft, fire or accident.

10. When can I begin setting up by booth? When must I be completed?

The exhibit hall will be open for exhibit installation from:

Friday, May 18

Grand Hall Exhibits
(booths 100-358) only*

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday, May 19 All exhibitors move-in 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

*Note: Exhibits in Hanover Hall (booths 400 - 620) move-in starting Saturday, May 19, 8:00 a.m.

Refer to the move-in floor plan at this link.

Installation of all exhibit material must be completed by 3:00 p.m., May 19 and all shipping crates and packing cases must be ready for removal in order to allow sufficient time for a final cleaning prior to the opening reception.

11. If I have a problem during installation, the exhibition or dismantle, who do I see?

The first person you should seek out is the show manager. Come to the exhibitor registration to get in touch with the show manager. We are there to assist you by answering questions about display rules, help with labor questions, and in general are a good source of information.

Another option is to visit with the customer service staff at the GES Service Center. The staff there have many years of hands-on experience and have lots to offer in the way of assistance. Of course, the show's exhibition staff will be ready and willing to assist you in any way possible.

12. When can I begin dismantling my booth? When must I be completed?

The exhibit hall will be open for exhibit dismantling from:

Monday, May 21 - 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Note: Exhibitors are cautioned when making return travel arrangements to allow sufficient time following the closing of the show at 3:00 p.m. All booths must be dismantled and packed by 9:00 p.m., Monday, May 21. No exhibitor shall have the right prior to 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 21 to pack or remove any articles or exhibit.

All outbound carriers must check in no later than 7:00 p.m. on Monday, May 21, 2018. Freight not called for by 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 21 will be rerouted via GES Logistics.

Note: Security personnel will ask every person removing material from the exhibit hall to show the "Property Removal Pass." This pass is only available from your company's exhibit manager.

In Conclusion

We hope you have found this information helpful in preparing an exhibit program for the MLA '18 Exhibits. If there are important areas we did not cover, or specific questions you would like to see addressed in greater detail, let us know. Your input is vital in helping us to produce an event that is efficient, productive, and profitable. We also encourage you to take the time to read through the exhibitor manual. Placing orders in advance can save you time and money.

Thank you for your participation and support.

MLA '18 Exhibits Management

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