Product Security

Security Is Your Responsibility Too!

One of the most challenging operational aspects of every Tradeshow today involves the security of the exhibitor's product—both at the show site and in transit. An important service to all exhibitors is the hall perimeter badge checkers provided by MLA on a 24-hour basis from move-in through move-out. Every reasonable precaution will be taken to protect property. However, MLA cannot and does not ensure the safety of persons or the protection of property. This is the responsibility of each individual exhibitor. Convention Centers and Hotels are public buildings to which hundreds of individuals have access… let alone the number of individuals involved in the shipping of your product to and from the show. Therefore, it is critical that each exhibitor makes every effort to safeguard his investment in the exposition.

We suggest that if you have valuable equipment in your booth, you hire your own security guard for your booth. If a theft does occur, report the theft to the closest security guard. He will notify a supervisor and complete a report for your insurance carrier.

Following are some additional security hints:

We strongly encourage you to insure your property from the time it leaves your facilities until it is returned after the Show. In most cases, a rider can be added to your present policy for a nominal cost that will protect your property while it is out of your control. Remember that it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to insure his property.  The MLA, Hall-Erickson, Inc., their agents, the Hyatt Regency Atlanta and their respective agents, will not be responsible in any way for the safety of any exhibit or material against theft, fire or accident.


We Suggest You Consider the Following:


If you ship by common carrier, do not use cartons which identify the contents, but group and ship all products in crates. Be sure to list the number of pieces in your shipment on the bill-of-lading and carefully identify the number crates, cartons, etc., but do not identify the contents. Ship your exhibit and product in locked trunks or crates.


Inventory all equipment before and after set-up and teardown. Make sure your booth is always attended during the set-up and teardown periods, and make sure your booth is never unmanned even for a short time during show hours. To secure your product, attach items to your display whenever possible. Run wire or cable through as many items as possible and lock.

Remove It

Important parts should be removed from displays when not being used in demonstrations. Take small items, one-of-a-kind prototypes and special samples or extremely valuable merchandise to your hotel room or deposit them in the hotel safe overnight.

Cover It Up

Drape your product when the show closes each night.

Report It

If you experience a loss, report it to the Security Office and to show management immediately.

Remember, help us control the movement of product throughout the show. Do not sell, give away, or trade merchandise after the show. Re-crate and return it with your display. Help us eliminate the carrying out of miscellaneous items from the show.